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Michigan Outstanding Biology Teacher Named

posted Jun 20, 2018, 8:35 PM by Mark Eberhard

Alison Maes
Ferndale High School

Alison Maes earned a B.S. in biology from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Arts for Secondary Science Education at Wayne State University. She has taught at Ferndale High School since 1989 and been recognized twice as the teacher of the year at FHS. Her classroom is pupil-centered where students learn from experiments, experiences, data analysis and from each other. Innovative projects in her classes combine biology with engineering and math as students build devices to test their hypotheses or make models that can be used to predict the effect of changing variables. At Ferndale High School, in addition to being the Science Instructional Lead Teacher, Alison started the Secondary Honors Program, founded the Science and Engineering Hall of Fame and chaperones a customized, annual STEM trip taking students to science destinations such as the redwood forest in California, CERN in Switzerland, the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia and the Musee de Arts et Metiers in Paris. Outside of the classroom Alison has written biology curriculum for multiple county initiatives and for the State of Michigan. She has facilitated NGSS professional development both within her district and for other local districts and acts a Biology Modeling facilitator in her state.