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MABT Sponsors NEW AP Biology PLC

posted Jul 16, 2019, 2:22 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jul 16, 2019, 2:23 PM ]

The Michigan Association of Biology Teachers (MABT) is organizing a PLC for AP Biology teachers in Michigan. With the release of the new CED (Course and Exam Description) and the launching of new online resources on August 01, 2019 we thought it would be productive for interested AP Biology teachers to get together and explore and discuss these changes for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

The PLC will have some structured time as well as unstructured, informal time for teachers to collaborate.

General plan for the day ...

  • Michigan teachers that attended the AP Biology Read in Kansas City will share the scoring rubric for the 2019 exam and discuss the suggested areas of emphasis for improvement for 19-20
  • We will explore, breakdown, and discuss the new CED Binder and the new 8 Unit Structure
  • We will explore, breakdown, and discuss the new format for Science Practices - now six science practices with a more details
  • We will explore, breakdown and discuss the new online resources (please bring a lap top or tablet with you) that are to be released on August 01, 2019 -- this includes personal progress checks, a progress dashboard, an AP Biology Question Bank
  • We will also explore and discuss current best practices in our AP classrooms

NOTE: The PLC sessions will be lead by Michigan AP Biology teachers that do NOT claim to be experts on the new CED or online resources. We have not received any additional training on these resources beyond the typical AP biology teacher. The intent of the PLC is to explore and learn together. We all will bring our own expertise to unpack the best practices for teaching AP Biology. (MABT Board of Directors have experience in teaching AP Biology ranging from 5 years to 20+ years - ALL experience levels are welcome!)

MEALS: In order to keep the PLC FREE, there will be no meals served during the PLC. We will provide a light snack at approximately 11:00 am. Please eat breakfast and/or pick up a coffee before you arrive at the PLC. Also, plan on having lunch after the PLC ends at 1:00 PM. We can provide some recommendations of local restaurants if there is an interest.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring the following to the PLC ...
  1. a copy of your ticket (electronic or paper)
  2. a laptop computer or tablet to explore the College Board website for the new AP Biology resources - WE STRONGLY encourage you explore this website a bit before our PLC on 8/13. (Available 8/01)
  3. a copy of the new CED for AP Biology - WE STRONGLY encourage you to explore the new CED to familiarize yourself before our PLC on 8/13.
  4. 30 copies of 1-2 of your favorite activities, labs, case studies, etc. for use in AP Biology to share.

SCECHS: The plan is to have SCECHS available for participating in the AP Biology PLC. We are just waiting final confirmation, but expect approval to not be an issue.

Where to go when you get to Holt High School:

Holt High School is at 5885 W. Holt Rd Main Campus, which is the large building. Park in front staff/visitor lot by flag, come in main entrance straight to center commons for elevator or stairs to 2nd floor, turn left at top of stairs to West side, down first hallway to West 209. (W209). Please contact Heather Peterson at 517-285-1741 if you need assistance upon arrival.